Meteorological Sensors

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Meteorological conditions have an influence on the propagation of electromagnetic waves and hence to the measurements of geodetic space techniques.For the correct interpretation of the measured data additional sensors are required.
Meteorological stations are therefore used at geodetic observatories, which record the periodically or continuously the following parameters:

  • air temperature
  • elative humidity
  • air pressure
  • wind direction
  • wind speed
  • precipitation
  • water vapour content of the troposphere.
Meteorological Sensors at TIGO

Since 2002 TIGO operates a meteorological station consisting of the following sensors:

  • air temperature: Lambrecht 809, Platinum Probe, +-0.3°
  • relative humidity: Lambrecht 809, Pernix, +- 2.5%
  • air pressure: Paroscientific 740-16B Digiquartz, +- 0.1 hPas
  • wind direction: Aanderaa 3590/3590 EX, +-5 degrees Magnetic
  • wind velocity: Aanderaa 2740/2074 EX, +-2%
  • precipitation: ?
  • water vapour content: Water Vapour Radiometer CAPTEC WVR 3ºgen sn:CTWT-129703