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The International VLBI Service (IVS) identifies the VLBI station TIGO with the name "TIGOCONC" and with the acronym "Tc".

The IVS-page "master schedule" lists all observation series of the IVS. It includes those, in which TIGO participated.

Access to the data of TIGO is possible via the IVS-page http://lupus.gsfc.nasa.gov/sess/master09.html Select in the column "Master Schedule html-file" the year of interest (TIGO data since 2002).

Find in the selected master schedule the column "Stations" the acronym "Tc" and click on the corresponding "Session Code". You will obtain detailled information about that particular VLBI experiment.

The objectives of the different VLBI session series are described in: http://ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov/program/descrip.html

VLBI Products

Thanks to VLBI data the following products are available:

  • Parameters of the Earth orientation
  • Station coordinates of the radiotelescopes in the terrestial reference frame (TRF)
  • Source coordinates of quasars in the celestial reference frame (CRF)
  • Daily solutions in the SINEX format (DSNX)
  • Tropospherical parameters (TROP)
  • Time series of baseline length
  • Which can be accessed via the IVS webpage http://ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov/products-data/products.html